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We’re Hedley & Bennett.
Let’s cook, together.

We are on a mission

to inspire and empower creativity and confidence in the kitchen.

Since 2012, we’ve been hustling to make the hardest working, best looking aprons and kitchen gear in the world:

Superfunctional & supercomfortable.
Handcrafted & Built to last.
Proper & Badass.

Pro grade, for all.
H&B started in a professional kitchen out of the need for something better; an apron developed hand in hand with insanely talented, obsessive chefs; relentlessly refined to be not just an apron, but the perfect companion to any cooking adventure—be it service for 200 or dinner for two.

Because better gear can make you a better cook.
While there’s no shortcut to putting the time in, the right tools—the right apron—will change the way you feel, the way you stand, and the way you take on the task in front of you. No matter where you are in your cooking journeys, H&B is committed to creating gear that inspires and empowers, gear that gives you the confidence that when you put it on, you can pull anything off.

“If you only ate at the Los Angeles restaurants whose chefs sport Hedley & Bennett aprons, you'd be eating at some of the finest places the city has to offer.”

— The New York Times Magazine
Factory: Hard at work on the factory floor in downtown Los Angeles.
Ellen at Bäco Mercat: Our founder Ellen Bennett with her old crew from Baco Mercat who placed the first ever order for H&B.
Apron lineup: Hedley & Bennett aprons in a riot of colors, to match any kitchen vibe.
Fretted over by the pickiest gear nerds. Battle-tested in the toughest kitchens.

We sweat the small stuff.
The perfect pocket. The perfect strap. The perfect stitch. Every detail matters in our H&B gear.

We obsess over function and quality.
We use only the highest integrity materials, meticulously sourcing the right fabric and hardware for the job. We don’t mess with anything less than the best.

Craftsmanship is our bread and butter.
Thirteen pairs of hands touch every single apron we make. And we only work with producers who put the same value on quality as we do.

The Apron Squad

From our earliest days befriending chefs at farmer’s markets in LA, we’ve built an incredible community of some of the most creative and hard working people out there: World famous chefs & home cooks. Bakers & pitmasters. Little kids & Grandmas & Grandpas.

We’re all united by our love cooking, love of creating, and that boldness to suit up, show up, get our hands dirty, and never stop trying.

This is our #apronsquad. We hope you’ll join us.

Start your #kitchenadventure
Ellen Bennett

Hedley & Bennett was born in a restaurant kitchen out of the need for a better working & better-looking apron. Both. That’s the thread that runs throughout our company. Founded by Ellen Bennett, herself an &: half English & half Mexican, good manners & unbridled creativity. Founder. Maker. Instigator. Knows all the manners & all the swear words. Buttoned up in a riot of colors. Focused like a kaleidoscope. Proper & Badass. Always both. Always &. &, &, & &.