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Hear what the press have to say
about Hedley & Bennett

“Top chefs across the globe wear H&B, so putting one on is basically like Superman slipping into his cape.”

Bon Appetit

You can look good while grilling up smoked meat and you can feel cute when icing macarons.

 Honest Brand Reviews

“a cult brand of handmade aprons worn by everyone from David Chang to Martha Stewart.”


“You’re an Adult. Get Yourself a Nice Apron”


“Quality aprons made for those who like to get their hands dirty”


“This apron is cuter than most of my actual clothes”

Food & Wine

“Face Masks We Actually Like to Wear” 


“as practical as it is pretty”

The Wall Street Journal

“more in common with expedition-weight outerwear than with standard-issue kitchen aprons”

T Magazine / New York Times

“If you interview chefs, I guarantee this will be the top pick”

NY Mag, The Strategist