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Magnetic Knife Holder Stand


Magnetic Knife Holder Stand


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All Your Knives, At The Ready

Sleek. Beautiful. Easy to fit where you need it. 

The H&B Knife Stand is designed to create the perfect home for your knives — Beautifully displayed against solid maple, safely held by strong magnets, and slim enough to fit wherever you want them, so they’re easy to grab whenever you need them. The stand was designed with the modern kitchen in mind for the smallest footprint on your kitchen counter and the sleekest, most elevated design. Have H&B knives? Even better — The H&B Knife Stand is a perfect fit with a matching bolster angle and H&B's iconic brass hardware.

Our magnetic stand was inspired by the magnetic strips favored by chefs, which keep knives easily accessible. 

PRO-TIP: Keep your knives sharp by placing them on the stand spine-first, then twisting them into place. When removing, slide the knife vertically up, or twist the handle to release the blade from the magnet, sharp edge first.